Mr. Dog New York

Marble Water Dog Bowl

$ 675

The Mr. Dog marble water bowl keeps water at a cool 67 degrees which is the perfect temperature of drinking water for dogs.

We designed a water bowl with two distinct attributes. We chose a material that keeps water cool for longer and does not easily tip over by a thirsty playful dog’s nose or paws.

Our marble is mined in Vermont, known as the the "Marble State”, milled into our signature shape, and polished with a food grade sealant to provide the high gloss finish and a durability that will last for years. A perfectly shaped inside bevel allows your dog to lap up water with one single tongue lick, keeping more water in your dog’s mouth, and less on the floor.

Available in three sizes and two colors. Individually packed in a custom wood crate to ensure safe delivery.


6 in. diameter
3 in. high
4.5 lb.

8 in. diameter
height: 3.5 in.
8.5 lb. high

9.5 in. diameter
4 in. high
14.5 lb. high


• Vermont verde antique marble with black, green and white veins extracted from the green mountains, VT.


• We used an FDA approved food grade sealant to provide a long life of usage with occasional wiping down to remove any calcium build up.
• Periodically wash with a low suds gentle detergent.
• We suggest this bowl to be used only for water and not food.



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