Mr. Dog New York

Natural Antler Dog Chew Toys

$ 20

Grab the bull by the horns they say but in this case it will be the Antlers.


Our naturally shedded Elk antlers are foraged for us in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains then cleaned, sanded and prepped for hours of enjoyment for your dog and long lasting to keep your dog occupied.

100% natural, no chemicals or heavy starches these antlers are perfect for the chewer in your family. Medium density allows dogs to savor these antlers without splintering or residue left on your carpets or furniture.

These are also excellent for quick teeth cleaning; removing of plaque & tarter buildup.


5-7 in.
(for dogs up to 30 lbs.)

7-9 in.
(for dogs up to 60 lbs.)


Naturally shedded Elk horn

Made in the USA


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