Our Friend Rebbecca Atwood: Interview Podcast

Our friend Rebecca Atwood did a amazing podcast for www.theamercicanedit.com talking about the inspiration,challenges and lessons in starting a small design business. We have known Rebecca for a while and we were so touched that she mentioned us in her podcast.  

Have you ever wondered about the people who made your favorite mug, shirt or chair? In Why Do We Have Things? Rita Mehta of The American Edit and Erin Husted of Hackwith Design House interview the independent designers, artists, small business owners and creatives behind our favorite things.

Today’s guest is REBECCA ATWOOD, the founder and maker behind Rebecca Atwood Designs, a Brooklyn-based line of home goods that focus on the artistic process. Erin & Becca talk about how Becca’s career experience designing for key retailers led her to launch her own collection, about learning all of the different aspects of owning your own business, and about building a thoughtful business that aligns with your own ideals.

Listen to the Podcast Here:




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