Mr. Dog New York

Limited Edition Roboto Dog Poop Bag Holder - Neon Yellow

$ 170

Roboto got a face lift... Our limited edition faux snakeskin is not for the meek. A strong statement to let everyone know you and your dog are serious about your accessories. Every year we re-interpret our classic Roboto poop bag holder and try to find a way to up the look even more with a limited edition series.


Let's face it, poop bags are one thing you and your dog can’t leave home without. Featuring enough room for three rolls of poop bags, Roboto's got your design-loving backside. Rich, hand-cut leather and a quirky grin take this poop bag case from just a necessity to a must-have accessory. And a solid brass lobster clasp means every leash, tote, handbag, or belt loop, can get an instant style upgrade. This redux is done in faux snakeskin in a soft yet doable calf leather with our signature brass hardware for long term usage ready to attach to your leash or bag.

We partnered with a seasoned leather craftsman in Brooklyn, NY, to help us create this supple, yet durable poop bag case. Each Roboto comes pre-loaded with 3 rolls of bags *(15 bags per roll/45 bags total), and the bags dispense easily through a solid brass grommet at the bottom.


4 in. high
3.125 in. wide
2 in. deep


• Stamped Calfskin leather
• Brass zipper, grommet, rivets, eye hook

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Fits most rolled poop bags.

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