Mr. Dog New York

Stripe Mattress Dog Bed

$ 200

Have you ever noticed that dogs love to lie on a couch or bed? We have. So we've set out to re-create what gives couch cushions and mattresses their dog loving DNA.

Starting from the inside we built an insert that has phenomenal recovery because of the combination of shredded latex and cotton rag but also has incredible durability and allows dogs to burrow without compromising the lifespan of the filling. Encased in high tech nylon and waterproofed with a interior coating of urethane that provides the best wicking of liquids. The fabric skeleton frame has been built with covered air vents for ease of releasing unnecessary air build up. These simple details allow the ultimate burrowing capabilities for the dog and provide long term daily usage without compromising the loft of the filling. We have filled each of the size dog beds with the right amount of fill to support their weight and envelope the dog with out flattening out to provide uninterrupted napping and sleeping.

The textiles we created for the covers with our friend and collaborator, Kate Loudoun Shand emphasize classic Victorian cabbage roses, aesthetic movement geometrics and bold striping all over prints on classic mattress ticking fabric. The overprint pattern was silkscreened in shades of black and greys to give it a more modern approach and easily incorporated into interiors. Our signature swath of a black custom zipper gives our covers a unique Mr. Dog signature.


• Shredded latex foam and cotton rag
• Urethane coating on interior of fabric for waterproofing
• DWR (durable water repellent) on outside of fabric
• Antimicrobial
• Flame retardant


• 100% Cotton twill
• Non toxic pigment silkscreen dyes
• Signature vislon zipper, injected molded resin
• 100% Cotton roping
• 100% Cotton thread


(UP TO 25 LBS)
24in. x 18in.

(UP TO 45 LBS)
30in. x 20in.

(UP TO 75 LBS)
36in. x 23in.

(UP TO 100+ LBS)
42in. x 28in.


• We suggest daily shaking to re fluff filling
• Insert cover can be wiped down with a damp cloth periodically
• Covers may be washed in cold water with a gentle detergent. We recommend: Dr Bronners Sal Suds and Common Good Laundry Detergent unscented.  
• Dry low heat or hang dry. 


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