Mr. Dog New York

Denim Dog Poop Bag Holder

$ 80

You’ll have deep pockets with our Denim Poop Bag Holder Pocket.

Crafted in 13.5 oz premium Japanese salvaged denim and made for us by NYC’s premier denim factory. Every detail is an exact replica of your favorite jeans including contrast stitching, change pocket and deep pockets to hold anything and everything from your phone to an ATM card. On the reverse side is a zip pocket that holds up to 3 rolls of your preferred poop bag with an easy to use grommet dispenser.

All the hardware is solid brass and resilient to whatever the weather has in store for you on your walk. All seams are riveted to ensure a long durable life. As in any denim product, this will age with wear just like your favorite jeans. This product comes with 2 rolls of recycled plastic poop bags.


13.5 oz Japanese salvaged denim
Solid brass clip
Brass rivets
Brass grommets
Brass zipper


4.5 in. x 6 in.

Made in NYC
Fits most rolled poop bags

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