Mr. Dog New York

Good Fortune Dog Treats

$ 20
Who doesn’t need a little good fortune? Our Good Fortune treats offer a really tasty treat for your dog along with some saged advice on navigating their day. Created to look like a fortune cookie you get with your Chinese delivery we've imagined these to be not only great looking but really delicious. Using only 5 ingredients, our Good Fortune treats live up to the word GOOD.

Baked exclusively for us by DiLena Dolcini in New Jersey, USA . These treats are hand shaped and baked to a perfect crisp low and slow. The fortune is tucked inside so when you crack open a treat you and your dog get to ponder over the fortune together. Sealed in a airtight pouch for lasting freshness and crunch. 8 treats are packed in our signature box. Great treats for dogs with protein and filler allergies. Please break the treat into smaller pieces to avoid the dog from choking.


2.5” diameter

• whole wheat flour
• oat flour
• peanut butter
• honey
• water

Made exclusively for Mr. Dog by DiLena Dolcini , NJ, USA

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