Mr. Dog New York

MRDxJCRT Dog Blanket M1943 Camouflage

$ 180

Mr. Dog has teamed up with JCRT to create limited edition dog blankets that reflects our joint mission on making great product with interesting design. JCRT, the kings of plaid is a kinship of culture and cloth. It is where subcultural and sartorial meet in a code of color, pattern and craft. The conception of every plaid they create is strategic with exacting symmetry and color gradients correlating to pop culture references. This collaboration fuses modern sensibilities with heritage aesthetics.

A quilted blanket has so many purposes. You can throw over a piece of furniture, make a temporary bed while your traveling, folded up in the back seat of an Uber not to get fur all overthe back seat ( and no “cleaning fee” ). This blanket was created to use and use. Quilted with sustainable poly fil this blanket will endure years of usage and most likely be your dogs go to resting spot.

-100 % cotton brushed flannel
-sustainable poly fil
-nylon webbing
-nylon thread

54” X 30”

54” X 54”

A quick shake of this blanket will remove any loose hair or dirt. A utility rubber glove run over fabric is also a great way to pick up loose hair.

Machine wash in cold/lukewarm water on the Delicate cycle. Please use a mild detergent. We highly recommend line drying this blanket to ensure the colors do not fade but can be put in the dryer on a cool setting and removed immediately. Do not use any bleach or whiteners on this product as it will change the colors of this print.

Visit our website for more care information.


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