Mr. Dog New York

Personalized Mon Amour Brass Dog Charm

$ 125

Personalize our Mon Amour charm with your dog name and phone number through a unique handstamping process.....

We know your dog is your true love and express it with our Mon Amour brass charm.
Crafted exclusively for us by our collaborator LHN Jewelry, this limited edition charm shows the world your true feeling towards your dog. Handcrafted and hand rubbed in brass using time worn jeweler techniques gives this tag a unique and special look.

We’ve partnered up with LHN jewelry to create a series of unique charms that express our love for dogs and their craftsmanship fusing the timeworn jewelers bench techniques. LHN Jewelry creates pieces that are part tattoo, part treasure hunter and hopelessly 100% romantic which makes for a perfect partner for us to collaborate with. Please check out their website for inspired jewelry


1 inch diameter



Made in NYC

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