Mr. Dog New York

Queen Dog Bowl

$ 100

Words matter, especially when they describe your dog perfectly.


Our newest all-purpose bowls are the perfect accessory for your larger than life dogs’ personality. Created in non-toxic decals, these words have been created by our resident type expert Roman Luba. Not only are these the best bowls for the messiest of eaters and drinkers but now they have the perfect word to describe your most cherished family member.

Our signature bowl shape is ergonomically designed to allow our dogs to keep more in their mouths – and leave less on our lovingly maintained floors. The smooth, cornerless, nookless, ridgeless interior eliminates the never-ending muzzle struggle to reach every last, delectable bit. And because it’s non-toxic and water-tight, everybody stays happy and healthy.


6 in. diameter
2.75 in. high

8 in. diameter
3.5 in. high

10 in. diameter
4 in. high


Earthenware. And beyond that? A unique process of hand-pouring, spraying and triple firing the glaze to ensure a non-toxic, food-safe, water-tight finish that, with proper care, will last through dog (and people) years of use.


With any decal work done on earthenware, we highly recommend only hand washing to maintain a long lasting life of your bowl.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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